Sustainable Development Goal 2: End Hunger

The second proposed Sustainable Development Goal is to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

  • Do you wonder why poverty and hunger, which was put together as one Millennium Development Goal are separated as two Sustainable Development Goals? The dynamics of poverty and hunger have changed. There are new kinds of poverty, and new kinds of hunger.
  • Hunger does not mean having an empty stomach. It means lacking safe, nutritious and sufficient food. I have witnessed populations in rural Afghanistan who have sufficient potato and wheat but lack vegetables. Rural populations need enough of nutritious food, specifically for their children and pregnant women.
  • Obesity is also a kind of hunger. I have also witnessed populations in urban settings who had too much of unsafe and mal-nutritious food. They used to say to their kids, “Eat it son, there are hungry kids in Africa,”. I heard it from Trevor Noah who said, “Don’t eat it son, there are obese kids in the West.”
  • Thus, having access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food is not only a problem of the developing world, but also of the developed world. Nutritious and safe food is expensive in the developing world. That is a problem that needs to be tackled.
  • Knowledge of safe and nutritious food is an important component of fighting hunger. There are people who have access to safe and nutritious food, but do not know about it. This is a problem of the new rich in fast-growing urban settings.

Hunger is no more a problem for the developing countries, but also for the developed countries. As developing countries need to satisfying the hunger of their skinny populations, developed countries need to satisfy the hunger of the obese ones.

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