Governance lessons from the Ghani – Noor rift

This administrative/political stand-off offers three ‘governance’ lessons for Afghanistan: use of local knowledge to expand legitimacy, inclusive central administration, and decentralization of authority and responsibility.

My 2 cents on World Happiness Report 2017

On the first day of spring 2017, the day of Nawroz, they have produced a report on happiness and called it World Happiness Report only to say that the developing, the poor, and the third world countries are also the unhappier countries. Are you serious? I am celebrating this Nawruz in St. John's Newfoundland, Canada,... Continue Reading →

Better integration of traditional health care sector with public health: A case study of Afghanistan

Introduction Traditional health care sector, mainly medical care centres and physicians at its core, has been concerned with individuals’ disease diagnosis and treatment, while public health efforts have been focused on populations’ health promotion and disease prevention. In Afghanistan, the focus of the health care system is on providing Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS)... Continue Reading →

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