Universal health coverage alone won’t radically improve global health

As a researcher in the area of public health and health systems, I hope that any global meaningful standard for universal health coverage will include benchmarks for primary health care including patient participation in health systems.

‘Leaving no one behind’ conveys a paternalistic approach to development

The term “leaving no one behind,” now at the centre of a United Nations framework and campaign, has gained centre stage in the era of sustainable development goals (SDGs). It does not stop there: leaving no one behind is also now prevalent among the public health academics, development agencies and organizations that aspire to realize... Continue Reading →

Women health-care volunteers have no upward mobility

Women health-care volunteers in low-income countries such as Afghanistan, Nepal and Ethiopia play a vital role in the health-care system, yet they are undervalued and undertrained. Many community health programs use volunteer Community Health Workers (CHW) to provide basic health-related services to rural and remote populations. Most of these thousands of volunteers, trained for a short period and supported by... Continue Reading →

Single-fatherhood: an emerging public health challenge

Single-fathers have three times higher chances of dying compared to single-mothers and partnered-fathers, a recent study published in the Lancet Public Health found. The study used Canadian Community Health Survey between the years of 2001 and 2012. Families with single-parents are increasingly becoming common in high-income countries. Although most of them are headed by single-mothers,... Continue Reading →

Three challenges for Afghanistan’s Sustainable Development Goals adoption

Since the adoption of the United Nations resolutions to ‘transform our world by 2030’ and ‘leave no one behind’ – also known as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development the Afghan government has shown a keenness to implement the resolution and march toward sustainable development. A three-phase Afghanistan Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) process including nationalisation, alignment, and implementation... Continue Reading →

Three messages for starting investigators

Presented with the question as to ‘why you ended up in research’ in the first ever Starting Investigators Workshop by the CIHR's Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) in Ottawa, I said, "my interest in research dates back five generations in our family.” I was kidding, obviously. Yet, there is a tinge of truth in... Continue Reading →

Giving meaning to technology

This blog was first published on March 24, 2010. It is edited and revised on its 7th anniversary.    Do you remember your parents or grandparents shouting into a telephone, forcing their voice to reach the other end? The voice was the loudest if the call was intercontinental. My dad is much better these days,... Continue Reading →

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