Universal health coverage alone won’t radically improve global health

As a researcher in the area of public health and health systems, I hope that any global meaningful standard for universal health coverage will include benchmarks for primary health care including patient participation in health systems.

Sustainability has more to it than continued aid money

Whenever the topic of sustainability in Afghan health projects is raised, the initial thought that comes to mind is financial sustainability.We usually forget that besides financial sustainability, there are other factors that are as important as finance, if not more. First, human resources for health is the backbone of the system. Afghanistan faces a chronic... Continue Reading →

Better integration of traditional health care sector with public health: A case study of Afghanistan

Introduction Traditional health care sector, mainly medical care centres and physicians at its core, has been concerned with individuals’ disease diagnosis and treatment, while public health efforts have been focused on populations’ health promotion and disease prevention. In Afghanistan, the focus of the health care system is on providing Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS)... Continue Reading →

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